Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

I am highly sensitive to eggs. I love them and they are a great complete source of protein. I buy pastured not just cage free eggs. When I can I buy or get them from friends with chickens. I do not care for nor does my stomach overly cooked hardboiled eggs. The green line around the yolk when you cut into a hard boiled egg is the sign of an overly cooked egg. I have tried dozens of methods but I have to give the credit where it is due, thank you Martha Stewart!

I take no credit here.

In a pot place cold eggs in cold water . Make sure the water covers the eggs. Turn the burner on to high. When the water begins to rapidly boil with big bubbles cover with a lid, turn off the heat, and set a timer for 12 minutes. Do not peak you will let out the steam. After 12 minutes pour off the hot water and add in cold water and ice cubes to cool the eggs. I let them sit for a half hour and then place the eggs in a container in the fridge.

That is it. Perfect!

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