Meaningful/Purposeful Valentine’s Gift

Valentine’s Day is coming up! I am not much for the commercialism of the holiday. I do enjoy sharing LOVE and making special things for my family and friends.

I love to make special meals for my family. They love the food and I love the time with them.

We also will spend some time together at a park, on the beach, visiting grandparents, or going on a drive up the coast.

We have an amazing fabric store in town Hart’s Fabric. It has beautiful, fun, interesting, and very up to date fabric choices. The online store is pretty fabulous but luckily I live just down he street.


I can never choose from their fantastic collection so I often walk away with a handful of fat quarters. Most fabric stores have a basket of fat quarters or fat quarters near each choice of fabric. They are commonly used by quilters.  I enjoy making napkins with my mismatch collection of Fiesta Ware. I purposely chose all different colored sets. If one breaks ( which honestly they never do) I won’t care. I make all different napkins and never a set. I have made napkins for friends and family that share the same theme or color scheme.

Below is a sampling of what I have.

I do sell them, contact me if you are interested.

To make them: Grab some fat quarters at your local fabric store. Wash them. Iron them flat. Turn inside out and fold in half the long way. Iron straight. I pin three pins per cut side ( not needing to on the fold). I run two sides through the sewing machine. When I get to the third side I leave a 2 inch area open. I use this to pull the fabric right side out.I take a pencil and poke the edges make sure they look sharp.  I then fold the un-sewn edges in and iron flat. I run the last two inches through the sewing machine. I fold the napkin in half and in half again and they look lovely. You can also three fold.

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