Basil Walnut Pesto

I have found that here in California I can find fresh basil year around at famers market. I think basil is just the most wonderful herb. I grew up with pesto on pasta for dinner weekly.

This recipe is great on fresh or packaged pasta, adding in sautéed veggies would be perfect! Chicken and shrimp would make great additions but with the walnuts I love the nuts in this recipe. I use very little parmesan to none really depending on my mood. I gives a protein component to my meal and adds variety.

You will need:

*1 bunch of pesto ( 3 cups leaves and stems loosely packed)

*3 cloves garlic

*1 cup walnuts

*salt and pepper to taste

*Organic cold pressed CA olive oil (  I used about a cup and a half here)

Place a half cup of olive oil in the bottom of the blender and top with all the other ingrediants, reserve the other cup of oil on the side. Begin to blend, if you can slowly add the oil in while the blender is blending. I like a thick sauce and not to thin. Obviously please add as much oil as you prefer. Pesto is not to be heated. You simply top on your hot pasta when ready to serve. If you reserve some in the fridge or freezer I have found that a plastic bag works best. You can then bring back to room temperature by placing bad in a warm bowl of water.






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