Cauliflower Fermented Two Ways


Cauliflower is a winter veg and it is highly nutritious though it is white. General rule of thumb is the darker the better when it comes to veg but the exception here is the mighty cauliflower. They have become very popular as of recently. Many vegans and raw foodists use cauliflower as a rice substitute. They grate or food process the cauliflower until it looks like rice! It can also be made into a pizza crust, I will try this soon and share how it went.

Today I am making my MOST FAVORITE cultured/fermented veg!

I bought two lovely heads of fresh cauliflower. There were no brown spots and it was very crisp. The leaves were still green and squeaky when I removed them. All good signs. Just a side note: you can eat the stem and leaves. They are very good for you. I did not use them in this recipe but cauliflower and broccoli stems julienned are yummy in salads and stir fry. The leaves are great as well!

You will need:

*two heads cauliflower

*two quart mason jars (clean) & two plastic lids

*1 jalapeño

* head of garlic

*brine (4 tablespoons kosher salt and 6 cups water)

*fresh basil

In the bottom of two mason jars place 10-12 garlic cloves in each. Place sliced jalapeños in one and basil in the other. We are making a spicy hot batch and a basil batch. Break the cauliflower heads down by removing the leaves. Carving out the stems and using the heads of the cauliflower. Pack those cauliflower heads tightly into the jars. Break them into smaller pieces to fill in the space. When done cover with brine. Remember: dissolve the salt into a separate vessel or jar with a cup of hot water. Add the rest of the water ( cold) to cool down the brine. Pour brine over cauliflower. Leave a 1/2 to 1 inch head space at the top of the jar. You can weight the cauliflower down but they are pretty well stuck in the jar and I did not need to. Screw the lid on. I put mine in the garage. THEY WILL SMELL BAD but this is good. The water will get cloudy and that will tell you things are working. Should be done in 10-14 days depending on how warm it is in your house. Above 75 degrees it will be quicker and below 60 degrees it can take closer to 14 days or longer. Taste it as you go. You may see some white sediment at the bottom of jar and that is fine. No need to worry unless you see mold( fuzzy, green, white) at the top of the water. Some people say you can scrape if off and keep going. I never take the risk and toss the batch.  After you feel they are fermented to a yummy state keep in the fridge for up to 6 months. I have eaten some up to a year but they become a little soft and discolored. These are better with in the first 6 months. Once cooled in the fridge they loose the smell, for the most part. Let’s be real cauliflower has always had a funky smell so just remember it is good for you and tasty!

The garlic at the bottom of the jar can be added to salad dressings, soups, eaten raw, or to any dish. You can also use the brine to add flavor and salt to soups, salad dressings, or to help another ferment start.

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