Perfect Brussels Sprouts SERIOUSLY

I eat brussels sprouts at least once a week. I luckily live in an area that grows this fabulous vegetable what seems to be year around. They have a bad reputation due to being overly cooked, steamed, boiled, and made into stinky mush. That is not what I am selling here today.  I am talking about fresh brussels sprouts roasted leaving bits of crunchy leaves and holding in all the nutritional value and a fresh taste.

You will need:

*12-14 sprouts washed, trimmed, and cut into halves or fourths depending on size of sprout

*Avocado oil or oil of choice

*Salt & Pepper

*Half a lemon

This will feed two hungry adults that love brussels sprouts. Set your oven to broil (you can set it at 400 degrees if you do not have a broiler). Put the pan or my favorite a cast iron skilled into the oven while it is preheating. You want the pan to be the same temperature as the oven. After you cut the sprouts do not rinse them until right before you put them into the skillet! When the oven is preheated pull the skillet out and pour in two tablespoons of oil. Quickly rinse the sprouts and pour into skillet over the oil. Put the skilled into the oven. After 3 minutes take them out, mix around in the pan and add a generous helping of salt and pepper. Put back into the oven. Do not leave the kitchen. You will need to keep checking the sprouts every few minutes to turn the sprouts so they do not burn. The water from rinsing the sprouts will help to steam them slightly and the broiler crisps them up. When they are tender to the touch of a fork but crispy on the outside pull them out and sprinkle with lemon juice. Serve immediately. I LOVE these! I hope you do as well.


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