Breakfast Tacos



Breakfast Tacos

Easy and versatile. Use what you have and change it up!

You will need:

*two corn tortillas

  • *1 tablespoon butter

* 2 eggs

*1/2 cup cheese ( cheddar, cojita, feta, mozzarella….)


*1/4 cup onion diced small

*fresh salsa or fermented salsa

I put two corn tortillas on a cookie sheet with cheese and put under the broiler on low. Watch carefully, I am known to burn everything! One reason you won’t see much baking on my website. Aside from burning things my husband says that every baked good that I make tastes like scones.

I melt my butter and add in the onions to begin to sauté. When the onions look good ( I enjoy them less cooked but I hear many people like them fully cooked) I add in the two eggs. I feel no great urgency to pre-whisk the eggs. I like the subtle difference between the yolk and whites that are created by mixing in the pan.

I place half the eggs on one tortilla and half on the other. I top with cilantro and salsa. Done! Breakfast super fast and super healthy!

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