Avo Toast


A yummy snack, breakfast, lunch, or light dinner!

I am in love with this quick light meal. I eat it at all times of the day and feel satisfied. It has crunch, creaminess, and a slightly sweetsourspicy kick with the pickled onions.

You will need:

*Two slices of bread

*Half and avocado

*1-2 tablespoons of mayo

*pickled onions

*salt and pepper

I toast the GF bread (you can use bread of your choice) and wait for it to cool completely. Slather it with mayo or omit mayo if you so not care for it. Slice your avocado, I recommend thinly and layer the avocado, easier to bite through. Top with pickled onions and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Letting the bread cool before you add toppings helps to keep it crunchy and not get soggy.

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