Perfect Eggs on Toast


The Perfect Egg

I have for years tried to find the perfect way to make the perfect egg (for my tastes). I love poached eggs but sometimes I just want to make a quick egg. I also love scrambled eggs but there is something about a runny golden yolk that makes me smile.

A good friend told me about a technique her mom uses to make the perfect egg. I tried it and I loved it, thank you Carol!

You will need:

*1 tablespoon butter

*1 egg ( could do two or three if you choose)

*1/2 cup water

*frying pan with lid

Begin with heating a frying pan on medium and melting the butter. When the butter is melted completely crack the egg into the pan. Turn the burner to medium high. Pour the water in a circle motion around the egg. Cover with lid. Wait at least 30 second before you check your egg, so the steam can do its work. Check every 20 seconds or so until the egg yolk is at the perfect consistency for you. 

Why I love this method! The egg does not stick to the pan! It is slightly steamed but you still have a faint butter taste. The yolk is perfect! The whites are cooked completely since the egg is in one thin layer on the heat.

Above: I sautéed frozen wild mushrooms with butter until they were tender and slightly brown. I toasted GF bread, spooned the mushrooms, fresh basil, and the egg on top. I always sprinkle Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper to finish. I slit the egg yolk to show how perfectly it cooked!

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