I have found the perfect gluten free (GF) pizza for everyday use in our household! You only need to have two things to make it work.

*Rice Flour Tortillas ( They have a great one at Trader Joes and also a different brand but still rice tortilla at Whole Foods)

*Pizza Stone ( I have received a pizza stone as a gift but you can go get an untreated stone at Homedepot for a few bucks and it will do the trick). I actually keep my pizza stone in the oven at all times. I feel that it regulates the temperature and cures it. I am also lazy and do not want to take it out and find a place for it.

The Basic Crust

Turn the oven to broil. Let the pizza stone heat up. Place the tortilla on the stone. The stone should be on the second rack position. Fairly close to the burner. Let the tortilla turn light brown and crisp. Remove with a turner utensil. It will be hot! Turn it face down to cool.

Add toppings to the uncooked side. Put it back under the broiled but watch carefully because it cooks quickly!

*Mexican Pizza: beans, shredded cheese, diced onions, olives, and salsa

*Green Breakfast Pizza: scrambled eggs, shredded cheese ( when done cooking add avocado slices, cilantro, and green siracha)

*Breakfast Pizza: shredded cheese, sunny side up egg, (when out of the oven I top with arugula and hot sauce)

*Italian Pizza: Tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil

*Sandwich Pizza: Mayo, sliced turkey, shredded cheese, (when it comes out chopped romaine lettuce and pickled onions)

Sandwich Pizza!img_5942

Green Breakfast Pizzaimg_5943 

Chicken Avocado and Bean Mexican Pizza


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