Winter Warm Up


For a warm winter pick me up a cup of broth will do the trick. I try to limit the amount of caffeine I take in, no more than 5 cups (coffee and/or tea) so a cup of broth will help get me through the afternoon. I am not much for herbal tea though I am trying new varieties to find one I like. I enjoy lemon ginger tea (homemade) but broth also offers a savory fix for me. In fact, in the morning for breakfast at times I have a cup of broth if I am not hungry enough for a meal.

I added turmeric, fresh lemon, and a dash of garlic powder to this cup. Tumeric is a great herb and has cancer fighting qualities and is anti-inflammatory. Personally, I do not think it has much flavor especially head to head with garlic and lemon.

I also add: a tablespoon of tomato paste, kimchi, salt, butter, coconut oil, cumin, cilantro…..endless possibilities.

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