Fermented/Cultured Hot Pepper Sauce

Spicy! Fermented Hot Pepper Sauce

You will need:

*quart Mason jar or jar of your choice

*10-12 jalapeños ( if small 12 jalapeños)

*3-5 small red (Chinese) chili peppers ( the more the hotter, you can use only jalapeños if you prefer)

*2 tablespoons kosher salt

* four cloves of garlic

*2 cups filtered water

*1 tsp Mexican oregano

I use gloves! The pepper juices will last on your skin for a while and if you touch your mouth, eyes, or nose it will burn.

The more seeds and veins you cut out of the peppers the milder your sauce will be.

Clean your peppers and garlic. Cut the tops off the peppers and seeds if you choose. Pack the garlic, peppers, and Mexican Oregano into your jar. Next, mix two tablespoons of salt with a half a cup of hot water. When the salt is dissolved add 1 1/2 cups of cold water. This is your brine. Pour your brine over the peppers. Leave an inch of headspace at the top of the jar. Put a weight on the peppers to keep them submerged. I used a shot glass recently and it worked well.I put the jar of peppers in a shallow bowl to catch any overflow of brine from the jar. The peppers have their own natural water/juices that can release.

After 4 days check your peppers. If the water has become cloudy that is good, try it but it likely needs a few more days. If not, it needs much more time. Should take 4-10 days but more if the temperature is 60 degrees or less. I would taste it after 7 days and it should smell spicy and taste salty and hot. It should look cloudy and have sediment on the bottom of the jar. Nibble on one pepper, it should not be too crunchy. The peppers should not be bright green but should have changed to a slightly darker and less shiny green.

Take the peppers and drain the brine but reserve a half cup in case you would like to thin your pepper sauce. I put all the peppers, garlic, and Mexican oregano into a blender. I usually add fresh cilantro if I have it and a whole lime if I have one on hand. Blend to a consistency you prefer. You can add in brine if it is too thick or looks like a paste.

I put the sauce into a clean jar or used/cleaned bottle to dispense easily. We love it on eggs, tacos, soups, beans, etc.




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