Gochujang Deviled Eggs

Holidays are here and these deviled eggs are a festive and spicy appetizer to share!

We all have our own way of hard boiling eggs. I will share my way with you but the most important key I have found is the eggs can not be too fresh.

I put a half dozen to a dozen eggs in a pot and cover with cold water. I turn on the burner and when the water begins to boil rapidly I throw a lid on and set a timer for 12 minutes. TURN OFF THE BURNER. When the timer goes off I pour the water off and cover with cold water and a few ice cubes to cool quickly. I do not like when the egg yolks get the green sulfur line  so I have found Martha Stewart’s 12 minute method to work perfectly.

You will need:

*mayo (homemade or store bought)

*Gochujang ( I buy on Amazon but if you are lucky enough to have a Korean market in your neighborhood they are sure to have some. It is a Korean household staple.)

*Korean dried red chili pepper flakes (to sprinkle on top or paprika)

After you remove the shells you will need to cut the eggs. I spray my knife with a bit of coconut oil or avocado oil so that it cuts smoothly. I remove all the yolks into a large bowl and mix in 1 heaping spoonful of Gochujan and 1 cup mayo. You can always add more mayo if the mix is too dry or more Gochujang if you want to turn up the spice and flavor. Gochujang has   a complex flavor not just heat. It is known as the Korean Spicy Miso.

I spoon the mix into a plastic ziplock bag ( not the most environmentally friendly but I rarely use them) and snip the end of the ziplock bag to pipe the yolk mixture into the egg whites. We are talking about a party appetizer here so taking the extra effort makes sense to me.

Gochujang spiced deviled eggs.

Alternatives: Use 1/2 cup yogurt and 1/2 cup mayo, not for less fat but for a tangy flavor! Add cilantro or chopped kimchi!

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