Fermented Grapefruit Juice

Fermented Grapefruit Juice

(with tangerines for added sweetness)

I wanted something for myself and kids to drink that would offer healthful benefits but wasn’t Kombucha. I love Kombucha but wanted to switch it up and add natural vitamins as well. It is cold and flu season so I decided to use what was in season and go with grapefruit. I have been reading Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link, Jo Robinson (excellent). She searches many medical and food journals for her resources. She found out that the redder the grapefruit the more phytonutrients the grapefruit has, luckily the redder the sweeter. This is not the case for most fruits and vegetables, the sweeter the fruit or vegetable the less phytonutrients they provide. Also ,the most nutritious part of the grapefruit is the pith. I make sure to include as much pitch as possible. I added in four tangerines for added sweetness for my boys.

This is VERY easy and a great way to dip your toe into fermented beverages. I made a huge batch but will give you instructions for a smaller batch.

You will need:

* 1 ruby red grapefruit and two tangerines (2 1/2 cups juice total)

*2 tablespoons whey ( store bought or poured off the top of your yogurt)

*1/2 teaspoon salt

*1 cup filtered water

*quart sized Mason jar or jar of choice

First I wash my fruit. I then peeled two large ruby grapefruit and four tangerines. I tossed them into my Blendtec. You can blend them in a blender or juice them. I like pulp and wanted the added benefits of the pith. You do not have to include either pith or pulp.






Pour juice into your jar and add the whey and salt. Place the lid on tightly and shake vigorously! Leave on counter for 24-48 hours. Place in fridge after that and when chilled you can drink!



Added uses: Mimosas, with Vodka, or added to fizzy water or water kefir, add to yogurt or milk kefir for a Lassi!

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