Getting Sick? Sick? Want to be prepared for winter colds?

Lemon Honey Syrup, Honey Cured Garlic, Apple Cider Cured Garlic

Get ready for winter and prepare these simple, healthy, and kid friendly remedies. I have a sore throat today so I reached into my fridge to grab some lemon honey syrup and into my pantry for honey cured garlic. Many of us have heard that garlic is good to keep colds and illness at bay. However, it can be a struggle to chew up or get down. Honey has been a natural remedy for thousands of years. It is antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and antibacterial. It can preserve foods.

You will need RAW HONEY, filtered or unfiltered is up to you.

3 cups garlic cloves of Organic Garlic (minimum)

 2 large or 3 small Organic Lemons

1-2 cups Apple Cider Vinegar ( I use Bragg )

3 Mason pint jars or recycled glass jars of choice

Lemon Honey Syrup

Wash your lemons prior to starting. Slice one lemon very thinly and layer into a jar. Cut the other lemon(s) and use a lemon squeezer to juice the lemon on top of the thinly sliced lemons. Cover with raw honey.  Place a lid on the jar. I turn my jar bottom side up twice a day. That keeps everything coated well. After about 10 days to 14 days the liquid will be very runny. Pop it in the fridge. I use a tablespoon or two in a cup of hot water to keep my throat coated and give a big spoon full to my kids if they are coughing.

***You can add thinly sliced turmeric or ginger to add health/taste benefits***


Apple Cider Garlic

Peeling garlic is never fun. There are many interesting techniques on YouTube or you can buy organic peeled garlic in vacuum sealed bags at Whole Foods. Pile in as much garlic as you want or think you may need. I suggest at lease 2 heads of garlic or 1 cup peeled garlic cloves. Cover completely with RAW Apple Cider Vinegar. Keep in your pantry. Swirl it around occasionally. WARNING: Garlic may turn turquoise for a few days during the process, this is normal and don’t worry about it. Dice up and add to salad dressings, chew a few up for health, or use it on anything you would normally use garlic on ( best health benefits are gained when not heated).


Honey Cured Garlic

Place 1-2 cups of organic peeled garlic cloves in a glass jar and cover with raw honey. Put a lid on it and turn the jar two times each day to coat all the garlic. After a month you can give it a swirl whenever you remember. It can stay in your pantry.

This is my go to choice for a cold or cough. I immediately eat two cloves of garlic cured in honey and wash it down with warm water. The longer it sits the sweeter the garlic and it does not lose its health value.


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